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Stan Baker's Highers Pottery Studio

Stan Baker - Potter
829 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor MI 48108

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Highers Pottery StudioThis is the Studio. It is 25ft. wide and 57ft long. The right side is the original garage of the house that was my studio for the past 12 years. It is now a garage on one side and warehouse #5 on the other.
The new lower section was built by Stan with the help of a few friends, most noted was master carpenter James Hadden. This new studio is a wonderful new work space for Stan and Laura. It has cathedral ceilings painted with blue sky and clouds. Large southern exposure windows, and radiant floor heating.
There are several marble top tables to work on, two potters wheels that were built by JT Abernathy, a slab roller, stainless steel glazing table, and lots of wire racks to dry pottery.

Through this sliding fire door are the two kilns that are used on a daily basis here at Highers Pottery studio. Both kilns were built by Stan. The first one in 1982 and the one on the right in 2003. These kilns are unlike any other kilns in use today by any potters. They were originally designed by JT Abernathy. They use a blower and manifold system of burners to heat the kiln to temperature (2300’). Using natural gas for the warm up and propane for the main burners, they can reach max. temp. in six to seven hours.

This is what Stan like’s to call “Warehouse #5”. All the finished pottery is stored in this space. Also the art fair booth, tent and shelving are in here when not in use.

There is even an observation window in the back of the warehouse that looks out over the new studio. This same window was once the back door to the old studio, and was used to get to the kiln shed.

© 2003, Highers Pottery Studio, Stan Baker.
829 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108