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Stan Baker's Highers Pottery Studio

Stan Baker - Potter
829 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor MI 48108

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Stan H. BakerStan H. Baker
Highers Pottery Studio

Bachelorís degree: None
Masters Degree: None
PHD: none

No, I do not have any degrees in art. Instead I spent my time making pots. I started in 1975 while in high school spending all of my time in the art room. I did manage to graduate with a triple major in art and spent several years after graduating teaching pottery at the High School. I went on from there to teach at the now closed Art Worlds and also spent some time teaching at the U of M in their residential collage. In 1979 I started my apprenticeship with world-renowned potter JT Abernathy. I worked extensively with JT for seven years and left his studio only after he had told me that I had learned enough from him and that I needed to go out into the world to create my own studio. After that I started Highers Pottery Studio named after my Grandfather Stanford Highers. My first studio was in a garage next to a house. I out grew that space fairly quickly and then move to building on Miller St. in Ann Arbor. I lived and worked in this building for several years. I then bought a house on the Old West Side of A2 and set up another studio in a converted garage. This was a nice place to work but I didnít last long in that house and ended up moving to S. Main St. in 1990. This now is my permanent home were I live with my wife and dog. It is here that I finally built a beautiful studio with cathedral ceilings and radiant floor heating.
In 2006 My mentor and friend JT Abernathy closed his studio and moved his working in with me and also the potters guild. you can probably tell I was greatly influenced by him as my pottery has the same distinctive oriental brushwork and the beautiful rounded shapes that JT had taught me so many years ago. in 2013 he gave me the rights to use his signiture Blue glaze that he developed in the late 50's. this was a proud moment for me as he has never let anyone else use this glaze. I hope you enjoy my pottery as much as I enjoyed creating it,

Thank You.

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829 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108